Marketing metrics delivered

Outsmart collects all your different marketing channels in one place and simplifies the process of collecting, analysing and transforming your data into useful marketing reports.

Weekly Reports

Delivered directly to your inbox

Easily set up what day of the week that you want your weekly report to be delivered, and it will be there when you arrive to the office in the morning.

Start your weekly meeting with a presentation ready report and leave the data crunching to us.

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Monthly Analysis

Prove the value of your efforts

Get monthly analysis or benchmark reports filled with actionable insights, and use it to define KPIs and metrics that align with your team's business goals.

Easily compare month over month to prove the impact of your marketing activities and optimize to stay ahead.

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Agency analytics reports

Create visually appealing automated reports for your clients in minutes and leave the complicated spreadsheets behind.

Save your time, employees time and streamline the reporting process with branded reports that are more suitable for your clients.

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Custom Export

Create your own custom PDF

Quickly export any of your metrics to a well structured and informative PDF, or let us collect the data and nicely arrange it into a workable Excel file.

Set up custom reports suitable for your team with metrics that align with their performance indicators.

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White Label

White label reports

Easily setup presentation ready white label reports with your own custom brand for your clients or an important meeting featuring only the necessary metrics.

Combine marketing analytics metrics from sources that matter most to your customers or presentation.

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Analytics and anlysis reports

Outsmart can be seamlessly integrated with your most essential data and no complicated setup is required. You can start recieve actionable insights and weekly reports from day one.

  • Website anlysis reports
  • SEO anlysis reports
  • Social Media analytics reports
  • Instagram anlysis reports
  • Facebook anlysis reports
  • Twitter anlysis reports
  • Content performance reports
  • Audience reports
  • Benchmark anlysis reports
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Outsmart marketing analytics
Outsmart marketing analytics
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