Facebook marketing reports

Outsmart provides smart insights that makes the process of Facebook analytics and your marketing measurements as streamlined as possible.

  • Weekly Facebook Reports

    Handy Facebook metrics

    Practical and actionable Facebook metrics helps you to quickly define and measure your social media goals from week to week.

  • Weekly Facebook Reports

    A daily Facebook feed

    Analyze your post performance against your direct competitors and get deep insights on content that engage with your target audience.

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For marketers and agencies

Outsmart makes it simple and efficient to centralize all social media marketing data in one powerful platform.

Easily collect, track, and measure all important Facebook metrics for you or your client.

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Outsmart Facebook analytics reports that gets delivered directly to your inbox

Facebook metrics

Outsmart gives you all essential Facebook metrics in an easy-to-use analytics tool that makes it strikingly simple to analyze your Facebook brand performance.

  • Content Activity
  • Post Engagement
  • Post Shares
  • People Talking
  • Audience Activity
  • Follower Growth
  • Content Search
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Ranking
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Outsmart marketing analytics
Outsmart marketing analytics
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