Prove your marketing ROI

Outsmart is an affordable internet service that helps you track, benchmark and measure KPIs of your social media performance across several online marketing channels.

  • For brands

    Become data-driven and make sure that each marketing effort is generating value.

  • For agencies

    Add value to your clients with white label reports and increase business retention.

  • For startups

    Be on top of your competitor’s marketing efforts already from the start and stay ahead.

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Easy KPI tracking

Save time with weekly social media analytics metrics that are delivered directly to your inbox on the day of your sprint meeting.

Start your week with measurable KPI points and evaluate their success at reaching targets.

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Outsmart social media insights that gets delivered directly to your inbox

Improve your social marketing efforts

Increase effectiveness and save substantial amount of time by centralize all your social media analytics data and important metrics in one place.

  • Know your social performance

    Quickly get a social performance overview of all your social media channels in one single report.

  • Benchmark your social channels

    Compare results of your campaigns by analyzing the generated value from each channel and activity.

  • Discover brand influencers

    Understand your target audience and get insights about your top influencers and their reach.

  • Uncover topics that engage

    Get a daily feed of your competitors social media efforts and uncover content that brings engagement.

  • Learn from your competitors

    Gain deep insights on what brings people to your competitors online channels and strive to stay ahead.

  • Impress your stakeholders

    Get daily, weekly and monthly social media insights via email, all nicely collected in a dazzling PDF report.

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Tailored Reporting

Easily create custom reports or set up an automated social media analytics reporting schedule for effective social media analysis.

Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, a website blog or all.

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Outsmart analytics reports that gets delivered directly to your inbox

Social media metrics that matters

Outsmart have collected all your important social media metrics in one platform, so that you can focus on strengthen your strategy and achieve better results.

  • Content Activity
  • Social Engagement
  • Follower Growth
  • Audience Quality
  • People Talking
  • Audience Reach
  • Applause Rate
  • Conversation Rate
  • Amplification Rate
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Outsmart marketing analytics
Outsmart marketing analytics
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