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Get a quick overview of how well all your content efforts are doing over the week and learn in what areas you have improved or need to improve.

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Benchmark yourself against your competition

Gain deep insights on what brings people to your competitor's online channels and see how well you stack up against their metrics.

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Social Media analytics for businesses

Track, monitor, analyze and report the social media metrics that matters.

  • Learn more about followers

    Understand how your competition engages its customers and discover what their audience likes and is likely to share.

  • Learn from your competitors

    Get valuable insights into you and your competitors' applause, conversation, and amplification rates.

  • Discover topics that engage

    Find topics to talk about and create content that has been proven to engage the audience within your marketing segment.

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Discover opportunities

Get suggestions on actions that need to be taken and define your KPIs from metrics that align with your inbound marketing strategies.

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Learn from content that works

Get a daily feed of your competitor's social media efforts, find content that brings engagement and discover your inspiration on how to create the next buzz.

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Impress your stakeholders

Keep your team and executive stakeholders on the pulse of what's happening. Get daily, weekly and monthly insights, nicely collected in a dazzling PDF report.

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Marketing simplified

Outsmart helps you to centralize your marketing channels and tools in one place, so that you can focus on strengthen your strategy and achieve better results.

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